Audio System Installations

For many, the only correct way to listen to music is in its native, stereo format. This type of system is referred to in a number of ways: stereo, two channel, hi-fi.

An audio system that has been properly installed can create a convincing illusion that you in the recording studio with the band or at the symphony. The music has more depth and sounds more . . . real. This illusion of space can only be broken when you open your eyes.

The set-up is surprisingly simple: good sound sources, good amplification, and good speakers. Despite this simplicity, many home stereo systems are not properly configured. The pro-grade audio brands that we use include Krell, Parasound HALO, Berkely Audio, KEF, THIEL, Music Hall, ARCAM, Marantz Hi-Fi, and more.

Free-standing speakers.

In-ceiling/in-wall solutions.

Fully distributed audio.

Metropolitan Music & Cinema can design an audio solution that blends seamlessly with your interiors, creating a virtually invisible sound source that can be piped to any room in your building.

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