DiY or Go Pro? We'll help you make that decision!

DIY or Go Pro?

We live in the age of DIY Everything.

In the age of DIY-everything, when is it time to call in a pro?So when does it make sense for a family or company to hire an A/V integrator?

The answer is different for each person/family. When I was growing up the process of getting a TV or stereo and setting it up was as simple as plugging it into electricity. Now there are so many variables as to how to install and more importantly “integrate” all of your electronics together into a simple easy to use setup that the answer is often muddy and unclear.

Many people can easily handle setting up a TV with a cable box. The issues come when integrating between all of our electronics gizmo’s into a pleasant experience that is simple to use. This is where a qualified A/V integrator can step in and provide the seamless experience you are looking for.

But what exactly is an A/V integrator?

DiY or Go Pro? We'll help you make that decision!This is a well established term in the custom installation world but may not be as known with the general public. A/V (audio/video) Integration mixes technology and art to form a system of electronics that both acts seamlessly as one unit – while blending said electronics into the room or home where it is being installed. The truth is that no one brand or platform covers all of the bases to make a seamless system. Often equipment from different brands needs to be mixed to form a cohesive and simple to use system. Systems are as varied as the people that use them.

Questions to ask yourself before hiring an professional:

• What technologies do I want to have in my home/business?

• How do all of these technologies work together?

• And what type of interface is available to seamlessly blend this “system” onto one device for simple control.

If the answers to these questions cause more confusion than clarity, then it might be time to consult with a professional integrator.

In our next article, we’ll give you a fool-proof guide to finding the best A/V expert for your project!

Did you go DiY for a home A/V project? Or did you hire a professional? What were some of your deciding factors? Tell us in the comments below!