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One of the greatest luxuries Metropolitan Music & Cinema can provide in your home is peace of mind. Our home security solutions provide this through the use of today’s cutting edge technologies. Armed with door and window contacts, glass-break detectors, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors in key areas of the home, you can feel safe knowing your home’s entryways are protected.

With today’s intelligent integrated systems, your family’s security can be taken to the next level. You can connect your security system with your a/v system or with your home automation system. You could tie motion detectors to your lighting, allowing you to turn on just the light in the living room if sensors detect motion outside your living room window. Or, in the case of a burglary, all of your lights can fire up as the alarm sounds!

Our custom security systems not only alert you in case of intrusions, but can also connect with fire and carbon monoxide detectors. They can connect with your system’s surveillance cameras, sending a “live view” to your smartphone, tablet, or control surface. With today’s technology, the level of comfort and security MMC can offer is practically limitless!

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