What Makes a Smart-Home ‘Smart’? Its Network!

A smart-home is only as smart as its network.B.Harris

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Networking is the essential component that makes anything “smart” — phones, homes, cars, watches. If it can’t connect to the Internet and transfer data, then it’s not much use to anyone looking for a smart-something.

Smart-Home and the Internet of Things

Sometimes referred to as IoT, it’s the current buzzword du jour. The Internet of Things refers to an environment where common objects, such as glasses or cars or watches — even people! — are able to be identified over and accessed by a network.

Table surfaces. Windows. Doors. Mirrors. Refrigerators. Microwaves. Ovens. Bookshelves.

All those items and plenty more have the potential to become an IoT, so long as doing so solves a problem (or a perceived problem).

And you don’t need a smart-home network for many of the traditional ways we enjoy TV, movies, and music. You can watch a DVD in your living room without an extended network if you are okay with your DVD player communicating with only the TV in the living room. But the moment you want to be able to distribute that movie to the TV in your bedroom without switching equipment, you’ll need a stable and reliable network, likewise if you want to watch movies from streaming video on services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Is It Limited to Just Homes?

This sort of networking isn’t limited to a SmartHome, either. Churches, schools, businesses — even an entire city! — of all types can benefit from a streamlined network:

  • Link a laptop to a projection system for training.
  • Sync a server’s tablet to the chef’s printer in the kitchen.
  • Connect a central computer to the surveillance cameras of a daycare center.

The possible applications of a fully networked and future-proof building are without limit!

Your home or office can benefit from our networking strategy.

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